Ah! I've been tagged!

Thank you Jen for tagging me I had fun filling these in - sorry I don't blog much, I'm trying to remember more often!

10 years ago:
I was younger than most people would guess. I went to the school right across from my parents house and enjoyed doing what people my age did I'm sure. I had aspirations of becoming a famous author or poet I think and had not discovered my love for photography.

Things on my To-Do list today:
Paint, clean the house (that's at the bottom of the list for sure) maybe go shopping for curtains, enjoy the beautiful weather and hopefully see my brother and his girlfriend tonight - oh and my husband as I haven't seen him much the last few days

What Would I do if I became a billionaire:
give most of it away and by most I mean nearly all of it. Pay off my parents debts and whoever else's we felt we should, then pay off ours and trade the Kia in for a nicer car for carrying babies then hopefully we'd have a little left over to put in the bank - and probably look into investing or something too so we'd have money each year to give away

Three of my many bad habits:
leaving dirty dishes in the sink too long, making "to do" lists and not doing them, butchering the English language thanks to living in MN and not reading enough to improve my vocabulary or spelling

Five Jobs I have had:
helper, cleaner, paint mixer at the lumber yard my dad works for (in junior high mostly), barista at coffee shop, Atlanta Bread for a month, Independent candle company for a month, Kolache Baker at Point Bank until they decided the job was actually illegal - that's an interesting story. And really... those are the only jobs I've had. Oh I substitute taught a few days but other than that I really only like being a wife/expectant mom

5 Things (most) People don't know about me:
I'm going to get a tattoo after this baby is born, one of my favorite snacks used to be lettuce dipped in mayo, my favorite place to take naps is outside on a warm sunny day, I miss living in St. Paul, MN daily although I'm afraid that it would never feel the same if I ever moved back, and I have a small bald spot on my head that I often tell people is from when I got struck by lighting although it's really just a birthmark

Ok, there you are. And I understand I'm supposed to "tag" 5 more people but I don't know if I know that many people with blogs who haven't done this yet... so I'll just tag Chuck and maybe he'll do a better job with this tag thing - sorry!


The Mays Family March 02, 2008  

sorry we did not see you guys tonight. Hope you get to feeling better soon.