I've been contimplating the permanence of my dreadlocks the last few
days. When I look in the mirror I have a hard time envisioning what
they will look like in six months. When I feel them, especially the
roots that seem to get looser while each dread gets tighter, I imagine
how much more startling it will be when I cut them off.
Compared to my past hairstyles, dreadlocks are pretty permanent. But I
could cut them off at any time and have a normal sorta bob in just a
few months. Even if I keep them for the rest of my life, compared to
God, they're just a blip. And isn't that part of the point? To remind
me that stuff, like my hairstyle, is inconsiquential?
I'm trying to find my identity in Jesus, rather than my hair or
clothes or job. It's ok that I enjoy my clothes and it's important
that I consider them, but ultimately they'll fade away.
I read an article today that dealt with this. You can find it here: