Canton (Dreadlocks coming soon)

My head is only half done. We haven't had much time to work on it and
dreads take a long time. Oh yeah, if you haven't heard I'm getting

I'll put up a longer post about them and photos when they're finished.
If you're really curious you can check out Sara's site at
. She's a big part of my inspiration for doing them and has even
helped via some email chats. She's really sweet and if want to see her
dread journey check out this flickr set:

In the meantime Enzo and I are going to Canton with Suzanne, her mom
and her grandmother. This is my first time going so I'm really
excited. Rumor has it that even Martha Stewart (THE Martha Stewart)
goes to Canton.
Chuck's having a date with Ruby today and I think they're going to
have a blast.

Have a wonderful Saturday!