New Cloth Diaper

I just finished purchasing a few more cloth diapers online today. I got a few Fuzzi Bunz one size this time because although I really like the Bum Genius one size the velcro hasn't held up as well as the snaps after two years. As I was checking out the site I bought them from I discovered a new diaper that looks great!

I buy my diapers from Nicki's Diapers because they always have the best prices, great customer service and free shipping on pocket diapers! (at least right now!)

In the next month or so Nicki's Diapers will have a full stock of made in the USA one size diapers that look great! Whenever they're available I'm going to give one a try. If you're new to cloth and would like to check it out I recommend a snapping one size diaper (such as the Fuzzi Bunz) and Nicki's Diapers New Best Bottom Diaper - it's a great price and looks like (as they say) it has all the pros of other popular diapers without the cons!

One of the features is that the insert just snaps into the shell rather than needing to be stuffed into the pocket. Personally I haven't stuffed my inserts since Ruby was just a few months old - it saves time and diapers - but the fleece still soaks some up and an all PUL cover wouldn't have that problem!