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Hi, it's me. Can't talk long anyway, just wanted to let you know that I moved up my trip to MN so I'm here now. I'll be here until July 3rd but I'll update you on life while I'm here. Gotta go, talk to you soon! Oh, and it's 58 degrees here right now. Yeah... Bye!


Cliff and Jessica June 09, 2009  

Wow! that's a long trip!! Is Chuck with you? Hope you have fun.

Court June 10, 2009  

Hey you, I think it's ridiculous that I've lived in Denton for probably 2 months now and have yet to see you! Congrats to you too, fun we're due about the same time! Hang in there, we've got to almost be done with the worst of it!!

The Rozell Family June 11, 2009  

58 degrees! holy cow! Its freekin hot and humid here. I am jealous! I am sure chuck told you but it rained like crazy here last night, really bad storms. My parents have now been without power for over 24 hours! transform is sat. we are going to miss ya'll!