Visitor From MN

My good friend Elaine visited for a day from MN. She and I went to
highschool together and she's really the only person I keep up with
from that time of my life.

Our vice principal used to mix us up although we've never thought we
looked that much alike. I stayed at her house during Marching Band
Camp. We occasionally finished each others sentences, cut each others
hair and wore each others clothes.
She's great.

We had a good visit and somehow forgot to take a picture until she was
getting ready to leave! But here's proof that she was here! Not the
best photo but maybe when we're old we'll at least remember that she
visited when I was pregnant and living in TX. Maybe - this photo isn't
really that descriptive.
Oh well, I love her.

Thanks for visiting Elaine, hopefully we'll see you again soon!