Meditating on packing

I'm going to try to play a little catch up tomorrow and this weekend. I've got a lot of things planned for this weekend but hopefully having some blogging time will keep me from getting to frantic.
Here are two pictures from the ride to Colorado. I had packed lots of toys for Ruby but her favorite by far was a water bottle. Hours of fun.

Hopefully I've learned my lesson in over packing form this trip and from now on pack lighter. We didn't need as many clothes, blankets, toys, etc. as I had anticipated. Meditating on the idea of packing lighter reminds me that not only do I pack more than I need I own (and buy) more than I and my family needs. Over the next few months, hopefully before June I hope to have accomplished these goals:

  • Donate/Refashion/Get rid of the 80% of my wardrobe that I don't wear and learn to accessorize with the 20% that I do wear (or 60 - 40... I've heard the statistics but I may need to start small. Lets not get crazy!)
  • Get rid of more books/crafts/old papers and such that I don't need. I remember reading this really interesting article that a man wrote about how we keep certain things because they represent the kind of people we wish we were. For example, I have a box of yarn in my closet for because I want to knit more, be a "knitter" and wear knitted things although my time nor my energy are best spent on knitting. I enjoy it ok but I'd rather be doing other things. I used to buy patterns and fabric for dresses and 5 piece suits because I wanted to sew well and dress like that even though my skill nor my lifestyle were (are) in line with them.
  • Keep my house clean and clutter free. If there's a spot that keeps clutter I need to ignore out why and do something about it. If I hate dusting my bookshelf I need to come up with a solution or at least get rid of some books/knickknacks so it's less of a hassle to dust.
  • Also, I'm going to bike with Ruby regularly. I'm no good at sticking to "workout routines" because progress is so slow and I don't see the end goal as that desirable - I mean, I'm in ok shape and I'm back to my pre-baby shape (mostly) so why bother really? Well, I know I need to and it will be worth it in the end so I've decided that my end goal is to be able to bike to the center of town to the Farmer's Market and back. I think by June I should be able to do that and then not only will I get a good workout in but I'll have wonderful fruits and veggies to show for it to! What does it say about me that I have to trick myself into exercising? No wait, don't answer that...

Well, on that note, stay tuned for more posts and have a wonderful afternoon!


Betty Beguiles January 29, 2009  

What a cutie pie! My 9 month old loves water bottles, too!

Liz January 30, 2009  

I had to comment on the "ignore why" mistake. it made me giggle. Love you Ginger and I'll be praying for your success!

Anonymous February 06, 2009  

cute pics ginger! :)