Busy, Busy!

This month has been going well and very fast. Ruby turned seven months on the 9th, I start school next Tues. and we're going skiing this weekend! I'll talk about that after the fact but if you would, please pray for us it's the longest driving trip Ruby has been on, we'll be going to extreme altitudes and who knows if she'll get regular naps or not - but I'm excited!

I wanted to pop in to tell you about a few of my recent projects. The last few weeks, when we weren't celebrating holidays and trying to catch up on sleep (oh, and being sick - yuck) I got around to a project I'd been wanting to finish, dreamed up some new things, did some reading and got to work on my home decor skills. Here are a few of photos:

This is my prayer tree that currently lives on our coffee table. I haven't written any prayers on it yet but I'm hoping to add the things that come up over the next few months, like new babies, friends hardships, etc. the things that you think about or offer to pray about but then forget (or maybe that's just me). If you have any prayers you'd like me to add to my list and my tree let me know! The next photo is a close up of the little bird that's also on my tree. I like it. It's made out of a shoulder pad, some iron on applique flowers and embroidery floss.

This is my cake plate (with $2 dome that fits perfectly!) I talked about making one of these months back (if you dig around you'll find the post and the link to the original inspiration, this wasn't my idea) and finally got around to doing it! It's a flower vase with a decorative plate glued to the top. Super easy! I've got another, smaller, matching vase that is in need of a pretty plate but they're so easy I have a feeling I'll be making lots. They'd made good gifts, don't you think?

I bought some woodsy garland and pretty beaded garland at Hobby Lobby during the after Christmas mega sales and decided that January needed some decorating. I'm going to try to do a different garland on the beam between the kitchen and dining room based on the month/holiday. I'm going to have to start working on something for spring soon or I won't have it done in time!

Have a wonderful day!


Brad & Jen Windle January 14, 2009  

these are AWESOME! love them all!

Anonymous January 16, 2009  

I really love the cake plate. yes, they would make wonderful gifts! Such talent!!!!!
Love You!

Liz January 21, 2009  

You know...you started that flower garland that was super beautiful, but was that for summer? I don't know, but that's what I thought of when you said garland for spring.