Happy New Year!

We're back home and slowly getting back into the swing of things. Ruby is growing so fast that I can't keep up. Literally. I used to be able to sit her next to me on the coach while I opened the mail. Not anymore. She dove off on Tuesday. Dove as in intentionally moving down hill head first. She was totally fine - I mean not even a bump on her head fine. I, on the other hand, was totally traumatized. Luckily I caught her before her whole body hit the floor but her little head hitting the concrete made me want to invest in a few more rugs and reminded me that I'll have to start seriously "baby proofing" the house. Also, I'm going to have to be more clean and tidy. That's one of my "New Year's Resolutions" this year. My friend Emily called them goals on her blog and I like the sound of that better. (She's also having a new year giveaway you should check out!)

Here's a picture of my family at Christmas. We had a tough time because Ruby was fussy and everyone was itching to get home and have breakfast and get back into our comfy clothes. We had a lot of fun in MN over the Holiday's but resolved that we're spending Christmas at home next year and my parents and siblings can visit us. We had our dose of snow (especially Chuck) for a few years (or a lifetime).

I don't have any pictures from our New Year's party but we had a lot of fun. Have you ever heard of the game "Psychiatrist"? Who would have thought that a cheesy group game would get us so involved that we even missed the countdown? Well, Happy New Year! May God bless you and draw you closer to him in 2009.