Zero to dead in 10 seconds

If I was skeptical before I'm not any longer. The Wondercide is, well, wonderful. It's not toxic so I can spray the house to prevent bugs but also to kill them. Even the cockroaches in my kitchen. Surely not, you say, they would survive atomic warfare a little tree oil is nothing to cockroaches.

Well, I came home to find this guy on my counter and in a fit of anxious disgust spritzed him a few (or 10) times, he ran in a few circles and then off the counter where he in old west bad guy fashion twitched and then died. Usually roaches run down cabinets.

He ran off. Like a lemming, to his DOOM, just like his friends will in the near future

The best part is if I want the cedar smell gone I just give my counters a little wipe, maybe a little rinse with vinegar and we're good to go. No worrying about toxic chemicals all over my kitchen. You can pretty much lick the stuff.



Suzanne October 13, 2008  

You're writing is hilarious in this post! I LOVE it... and I'm so glad to hear about the bug spray! I'm for sure going to have to get some.

Kim October 16, 2008  

nothing like the feel of complete victory over a vile creature such as the cockroach. you sound very satisfied. :D

A Day That Is Dessert October 21, 2008  

Well - what a great endorsement!! I'm going to get some - you never know!!!

Anonymous November 13, 2008  

Thank you so much for the great review. We are so glad you like the Wondercide. We have created a new blog and would love to have you be a subscriber. Thank you again for the comments and we hope you order again whenever the time is right. BUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!