Pulled Down Leaves

The leaves don't really fall here in Texas like they do in MN. I really miss the changing colors. I really love this weather though. Fall doesn't come and go like it does in the north but 70's during the day and 50's at night is just about perfect. I love cold weather but don't mind at all if this keeps up for a few months.
Back to the leaves, they don't really fall but occasionally the wind pulls them down. Today the wind picked up, swirled the leaves down from the trees and there was even a little rain. Here's a little bit of fall from north Texas.

Leaves on our back walk and yard. Notice I didn't say 'grass,' I said 'yard.' We have a green yard, as in we save water by not watering it. :)

And a few leaves - see there are some colored leaves! And quite a few green ones...


Betty Beguiles November 13, 2008  

We're in TX, too. My son found a single, solitary leaf in our yard last week. He came into the kitchen carrying it like it was the Ark of the Covenant and said, Mom! I found a leaf in our backyard!" LOL!

OneHotDish November 13, 2008  

Hilarious! We've got more than one leaf to be sure but the green still outnumber the colored and fallen. :)