Fall Decoration Updates

I haven't done much more fall decorating around here but I have big plans that I hope to accomplish soon. I've been slowly working on my paint chip leaves. I've got lots traced but cutting them takes quite a bit of time. If only I had one of those fancy hole punches that serious scrapbookers use. When I get a bunch cut out I plan to make a little banner with them. We'll see what happens. (Not a great picture but I'll put some more up this weekend when I make more progress with them)

This weekend I'm going to by some pumpkins so I can make votive holders like this flickr user did. So cute!

A few days last week I simmered an orange with cinnamon sticks and spices. The house smelled so good! I've got to get another orange. If only they weren't so expensive!
I've also got some awesome pumpkin recipes to share but am working on perfecting a few so you'll have to wait a few days for those - no more than a week I promise!
Until then I recommend running out to the store right now and getting some Saigon Cinnamon and baking with it, making curry with it, and using it in all your favorite recipes with cinnamon. It's amazing!

What have you been doing to decorate and celebrate fall?


Kim October 24, 2008  

I have this iron work pumpkin thing that i put on top of my entertainment center, i have some pictures I shot last year of pottery in fall colors that are up, and I put out my ceramic skull head, and cute stuffed bat and spider from Ikea. Oh, I forgot I have a fall colored table runner, some brown placemats made out of some kind of wicker something or other, and some soup crocks that are brown.