You've got to start somewhere

When contemplating how to begin my first entry I could only think of Julie Andrews singing "Begin at the very's a very good place to start..." And now that you all can enjoy that tune with me, I'll jump to the middle.
It's November 7th and the leaves seem to be sporadically changing color. I'm finding it hard not to be nostalgic for the seasons I grew up with. I am, however, enjoying the crisping weather and looking forward to time off for Thanksgiving.

Being 81/2 weeks pregnant is not what I expected but I'm doing my best to thank God for each moment and not throw up.
I'll post pictures of my expanding middle when it expands more noticeably.
In the mean time you can check out other pictures of us at


The Rozell Family November 08, 2007  

YEAH!!!!!!! Welcome to the blog world! So glad you are here. I cant wait to see what all you blog. You are so inspiring!


ziptieisthenewducttape November 09, 2007  

I'm so jealous I have like 4 posts already and no replies.

Kari November 09, 2007  

A big welcome to blogging from another newbie! :)