Don't knock it till you try it

Last night Chuck and I went out to Sweet Basil for dinner. We'd surprisingly never been so decided it would be fun to try. We ran into Jean and Lynne (from the birthing center) on their way out and had a good chat before going in. So Emily, I've met Jean!
The food was good and we'll definitely be back, but unfortunately it was not long, about an hour and a half actually, before I needed to eat something again.

Chuck asked what I would like and I ran through the list...
chocolate chip pancakes, potato salad, cabbage slaw, and taco salad. Taco salad was it.
Chuck was about to throw on a sweatshirt and get me one because he's the sweetest man ever, but I assured him that Taco Cabana wouldn't have Thousand Island dressing.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Minnesotan Taco Salad let me be the first to share it with you.

Ingredients in order of layers on your plate:
taco chips
taco meat
and then...
pork and beans
and top it off with Thousand Island dressing

Let me just say that when you grow up eating it it seems like the most normal thing in the world.
So we concluded that no one that served taco salad would also have thousand island dressing and finally decided that 'El Guapo's' would have a decent taco salad and got one to go. It was ok, and I more than appreciated that Chuck was willing to do it, but it just wasn't the same.
Ah, childhood influenced pregnancy cravings... it will certainly only get more interesting.


The Rozell Family November 17, 2007  

YEAH!! you met Jean! I am so glad, isnt she WONDERFUL!! I guess you just recognized Lynn, or did she recognize you! Man, thast so great, I am so glad you will get to know those women, they are super super cool. How was sweet Basil? We have been meanign to try that place. Will you be at church in the a.m.? Are ya'll coming over tomorrow night? I want to hang and talk!
miss you!

The Rozell Family November 17, 2007

The Rozell Family November 17, 2007  

sorry for all the posts!
you gotta check this girls site out. WONDERFUL stuido pics!I am jealous of her space.

Kari November 18, 2007  

I don't think that "recipe" ever migrated down to Iowa. :) Now you've got me craving taco salad!!

Brad & Jen Windle November 20, 2007  

I just found your blog! yea I'm so glad we can chat and keep up with eachother through this lovely internet! your post made me hungry!

Court November 21, 2007  

Dearest Ginger,
I will back you on that recipe of taco salad as I have had it many many times with my family and it is delicious! I also enjoy that Em has abandoned all use of email and just posts comments on people's blogs now.

Robin November 30, 2007  

Hey, check those coupon magazine packs they (I don't really know who) sends out in Denton. They have buy 1 get 1 entree free at Sweet Basil. I think they're found in the 'Denton Connection'.

I'm happy that I found your blog :)

The Mays Family December 21, 2007  

When I was pregnant with Brooke all of my cravings were things that I could only get in Scotland and since I lived here there was no way that I could get them so I completely understand - oh and I think the taco salad sounds quite nice.