no alarm clocks for baby

I think I discovered something this weekend. My baby doesn't like alarm clocks.
Yesterday we had to get up early to go to a training for Apartment life that lasted all day. When we got home I didn't feel well, probably from not eating enough all day but got worse as the hours went on. This morning I was hoping I would feel better but baby wasn't happy with another early morning because I felt sicker than I had all month.
Luckily some more sleep and a wonderful husband helped me recover and the day has gone alright.
But on the bright side, I'm probably only a few weeks away from regaining some normalcy in my health and my tummy is beginning to grow! I am so very excited to have a baby growing inside me and incredibly blessed to have such a hard working and understanding husband and the opportunity to sleep in on a regular basis.
Chuck is currently napping but when he's awake I'll persuade him to show me how to post pictures so you all won't get bored by my imageless posts.


The Rozell Family November 11, 2007  

Hey! so fun seeing ya'll tonight, we thought homegroup was great. Ya'll are such great friends! Lets hang out this week. Are you reading hte Dr. Sears books?

Court November 13, 2007  

Hang in there, Ginger! It gets better I promise, sometime in the near future you won't remember what it felt like before you were pregnant and this will all just be normal :) GOOD TIMES!!