I finished reading chapter one of 2nd Peter. Verses 16-20 caught my attention because Peter says he witnessed Christ's majesty first hand and heard God say "This is my son." He also says he believes the prophesies concerning Jesus to be God's voice heard by others.

The teaching pastor of our church did a sermon about the authority and inerrancy of the Bible this past Sunday. He talked about the men who penned the Bible using the phrase "God said" over 300 times. If you're interested you can listen to the sermon at www.thevillagechurch.net

I don't have a hard time believing that Jesus was God and did all that He claimed to do, including rise from the dead, but I've always thought that if someone can believe God created everything from nothing anything else is easy.

I struggle with understanding in other areas but believe that the Bible is true.

I had some other thoughts about seeing, believing and following movements but I'm a bit tired today and currently have a little boy draining me of nutrients so I'm finding it hard to form complex thoughts.

I love you and hope you have a peaceful day.