I starter knitting again today after a long break. I've got two Snuggler orders to make in the next few weeks. I'd much rather be knitting than doing many others things but I am going to try to balance it.

Knitting this afternoon got me thinking about fall, Thanksgiving and cooler weather. I don't think I'll bring my fall decorations out quite yet, however, as it's still green and 90 degrees outside.

Today I read more of 2 Peter 1, verse 9 specifically . I'm still praying and thinking about it but my initial thoughts were about how I so quickly forget how amazing a gift Jesus sacrifice is. I am very easily forget that all people are made in God's image and the only reason He accepts me as his child is Jesus. I too quickly measure myself up to (or against) others instead of finding my identity in Christ.

If I kept the gospel in the front, rather than the back, of my mind and made effort to supplement my faith with the attributes listed in 2 Peter 1:5, I think I would be better able to love others first rather than judge them.