Bread attempt 2

Chuck liked the bread so much that I decided to stick with the recipe.
Things were going fine but I had to pick up my chest freezer part way
through so I left Suzanne in charge. I forgot to tell her to turn the
gas to the oven on, however, so she "baked" the bread for the
appropriate time before realizing it. Here are the resulting loaves.
Notice how the extra rise time caused two of the loaves to fuse
together and one began to ooze out of the pan. I'm sure they will
still taste great they'll just be a little ugly.
For the recipe check out (google) A Year Of Bread - Farmhouse White


KimBeau Hughes September 05, 2009  

Ginger! I am so sad I missed you stopping by yesterday. I was literally home all day except that one hour. I am so sorry. But thank you so much for the delicious bread! Every time I walk by it I am tempted to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. :) And I think I will today. Thank you so much.