All Charlie's Fault

My mother, husband and I'm sure others can attest to the fact that I
don't like chocolate cake. I've never requested it as a birthday
treat, I always choose white at weddings and I'll even forgo dessert
rather than eat it.

So no one was more surprised than I when I couldn't get the image of
the perfect piece of chocolate cake out of my head the last few weeks.
I knew I wouldn't find it at any restaurant and any bakery that might
make it would charge more than my practical chocolate cake avoiding
self would pay.

Therefore I finally caved and made it. I don't think I've ever made a
chocolate cake before. I don't make other cakes very often for that
matter. Obviously I was desperate.

I did my research and discovered that I would need to combine a few
recipes and use all the baking talent I possess to create this

I baked until 11:30 pm and frosted the next afternoon. I then couldn't
bring myself to eat any until that evening when others would also
partake in case it wasn't exactly what I had been dreaming of.

Luckily it was. I think I would have cried had it not.

No picture could do it justice. It wasn't really that photo worthy in
the first place but it was delicious.

And Charlie must really like chocolate cake because I can't stop
eating it. I've tried.

I'll post the recipe details soon. I have to get them all typed up. In
the mean time, have a fabulous week!


Kim September 01, 2009  

Who is Charlie? Are you having a boy? And are you naming him Charlie? Awesome!