One step closer to my dream kitchen

So... the lights were off at our house Sat. night!  :)  Basically, the weekend got away from us like it always does and we forgot. We had a lovely time at a friend's house for dinner though, and there were 3 other households at the dinner party so they all had their lights off too!

On another note, I had been wanting to do something to my kitchen in the way of updating/facelifting and I finally did something! I took my cabinet doors off. At first I was worried that I would hate the clutter or not be able to stand the "texture" as Chuck called it but he and I both have since given it two thumbs up. The best part is that I'll no longer get hit in the head with the doors. The latches were so old that you had to shut the doors just right because if you shut them too lightly they would swing open again and if you shut them too hard the door next to it would open. Very annoying. So here it is, my new and open kitchen! What do you think? I think the next step is to paint the cabinets white. That may take a little bit longer.

And here's the Dude. He's doubled in size and is quite sneaky bugger. He's still such a puppy but we like him.

And of course  Ruby. She loves taking out and putting in right now so we've got lots of toy boxes for to play with. Here she is explaining to me how I should be taking pictures to get the best shot of her and her toys.


Kim April 08, 2009  

love the kitchen. love. and cute puppy. ruby's getting soooo big!