100. Turns out it's not everything you hoped for and more.

I know, I know. I'm not even going to count the days since my last post... and no, I haven't put together my give-away. Some 100th post this turned out to be...
But I will update you on the last few weeks (months? what month is it?) and I've got pictures to help me do it! Yay!

It all started with a head-wound. You can read about it on my husband's blog. It's been stressful for me to be taking care of someone else, coordinating all the usual happenings and trying dig into myself and make an inventory of my character flaws (I'll expand on that later). I've learned a lot about myself through this, most of which I can't seem to put into words right now, but things are getting better and I feel good about it.

I bought a hat to cover up my growing out, doesn't agree with the increased humidity, I don't have the energy to do it hair. I wear it a lot these days.

The older she gets, the more Ruby resembles Chuck and my siblings - namely my sister Liz. I especially like this photo of them - what are the odds you say? Well, pretty good, they both can be pretty spacy.

My mom made Ruby this little house for Christmas last year and I've had it put up because I didn't think she was old enough to play with it. Lucky for her Chuck lives dangerously land gave it to her one night (as we were putting up her crib - see next photo) and she really enjoyed it! I think she's still a little young to really understand the concept and "play house" but she liked playing with the bears! Thanks Grandma Vicki!

Here's Ruby in her new crib. We had one and it got broken before Ruby was born. We decided not to use one and it went fine until she got too wiggly and playful in the middle of the night and the pack-n-play mesh wore her forehead off when she rubbed her head on it while screaming for me to save her from the terrible reality of naptime. I had had my eye on this Ikea crib for some time so we went ahead and got it. It's wonderful and Ruby's taken to it quickly. I've got to make some bumpers, though, because she has a proclivity for getting her legs stuck between the bars.

Here's Ruby after her first "biter bisquit." She enjoyed it thouroughly. I like them because they keep her occupied for more than 3 minutes. I'm going to try to make my own soon.

After "Unkie Jon's" accident we decided everone needed a helmet, including Ruby. She tolerated it as long as we didn't draw attention to it and it didn't fall into her eyes. She's still a little small for it but a hat underneath helps it stay on. She's still in the little baby seat that Chuck rigged up for her in this picture but since then she she upgraded to the bench seat of the trailer.
She's such a big girl.

And here's her cute little tush clad in a sweet onsie that a friend of mine from high school, Randi, made for her. Thanks Randi!

That's the main points anyway. I'll get back to you when I can form more complete and thoughtful sentences. Have a great weekend.


Liz March 30, 2009  

Hey! I'm not that spacey....
Crib broken thanks to me...but the one you guys bought is way cooler.
Thanks for the update mamma dunton!

Love you