A vaccine to fight the side effects of a vaccine

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the full story of Ruby's birth - I'm sorry, but this is not it...
I found this link on Jen's blog and wanted to share it in hopes that more people will see it. Please read it. Whether you decide to vaccinate your children or not, have children or have ever given much thought to vaccines, it's something to think about.
Shingles Vaccine (make sure you read the article and the Dr.'s comments)


Dianne Fowler June 27, 2008  

Oh my gosh Ginger! That is so scary. I think Ally and Brady have already had the chicken pox vaccine because we could not send Ally to public school with out it. Why do they require something of the kids if it is only going to end up hurting them??? This is yet another reason we are glad we are now home schooling. Thanks for the info.