Almost a smile

Ruby has the prettiest smiles. She usually smiles in her post eating
slumber. Tonight she smiled several times, especially whenever I
kissed her or snuggled her cheek. Of course we barely missed each one
with the camera but got close with this one. I'm sure we'll get one


Chessa June 15, 2008  

my sister just had a baby and she smiles right after she eats too...aren't they amazing? I love my little niece so much. I loved reading your blog.

Jade June 16, 2008  

What a beautiful baby, love her smile. I love baby smiles.

katieface June 17, 2008  

I'm so happy I got to hold her while we were there on Sunday. I expressed my worry to Jon on the way up Saturday night that, "if Ginger doesn't want anyone to hold her for twoo weeks, then I won't get to hold her before I go to Alaska, and then I'll be gone another two weeks, so it could be a MONTH before I get to hold Ruby!"

I was in agony, for real.