Wrapping up the Week

I'm glad it's Friday. The kids and I all have a little runny nose cold and we're ready for more time with Chuck. We're also going to try to be more disciplined with our rest this weekend. Last night at our Home Group (bible study) we talked about the Sabbath. If you haven't gone through Tim Keller's "Gospel in Life" study you should. It's the best Bible study I've ever worked through.

The last few weeks I've been trying to work on my dreads a little everyday or two so they stay tight and don't get out of hand. When I don't give them any attention they get loose, hairs work their way out and my roots don't lock up on their own yet so my whole head looks droopy and frizzy. Blah.

It's a lot of work (and therefore expensive if someone other than Chuck does it) to fix my whole head all at once so Chuck and I really have to give it an hour or so of attention every week to avoid that. It's not the most exciting date ever but it really shows me that Chuck is devoted to me when he works on my hair.