Philippians 2:12-13

Ruby got a new sweat suit yesterday and she was very interested in the hood. Here she is informing us of that.

I continued reading in Philippians and while I've read verses 12 and 13 before and even heard a sermon or two on them I still feel like there's some mystery in them I still don't understand.

I know that God is the author and perfectly of my faith but what part do I work out? However, the thought of getting to heaven and having Jesus say "I never knew you" is frightening and does cause me to take my faith and relationship with Christ more seriously.

It also blows my mind to think about what it mean that God is working in me for His good pleasure.

I'm encouraged today to ask God about these mysteries and also to rest in His peace because even if I don't understand them He does and He's said that I just have to ask.