We made it home from our vacation Sunday evening and I'm almost recovered from our trip. I've still got a few loads of laundry to do, Ruby is slowly adjusting to the lower levels of attention and sugar and my cut is almost healed. 

That's right, I got a cut to match Ruby's. Thankfully it's shorter, wasn't as deep (so no stitches) and my story is a little more interesting than a bedroom fall.

Chuck received a gun from his grandfather during our visit and took the opportunity to shoot it while at his dad's. He wanted me to know how and while I had little interest I had been talking up my abilities. The only trouble was that A. It had been ten years since I shot a gun (10!) B. Chuck's new gun was a higher caliber and C. I forgot the rule about scopes.

You see, when shooting a gun with a scope you don't put your eye right up to it, you find the sweet spot about two or two 1/2 inches back. That way the scope doesn't hit you when the gun kicks back and cuts your eyebrow like so.


The Mays Family April 29, 2010  

We had fun having dinner with y'all the other night. lets not leave that long again.