Enzo's Nose

Some of you have heard about our journey with Enzo's nose and others only have bits and pieces. I apologize for not updating sooner but I didn't think about it until I realized yesterday that it's actually consuming a lot of my time and energy.

When Enzo was about three weeks (Feb. 1st) old we asked our pediatrician about his "stuffy nose." Enzo has had a stuffy nose/congestion in his sinuses since birth. Our pediatrician said the most common thing is a milk allergy so I should take all dairy out of my diet for a week. I did and nothing changed.
The pediatrician then suggested that I add wheat (gluten) because that's also a major allergen. I did that along with dairy for a week and nothing changed.

I then decided that I should look into allergy testing of some kind because I could take foods out of my diet for years and never hit on the right thing. We heard about an allergy testing that a chiropractor friend of ours did that would not only test for allergies but cured them. It's called NAET and while we can't really figure out if there's any science behind it (most people agree there isn't) everyone I talked to that had experienced it agreed that it worked. The best part was there are no side effects/drugs/etc. involved so I decided it was worth a shot before we put the time/money into seeing a specialist or something else.

We had Enzo adjusted because he was misaligned after his entrance into the world (which is normal) and that seemed to help for a day but then things went back to normal. Our chiropractor then said she would test him for the major allergens like milk and gluten but she thought based on her experience that it was Vitamin C. Based on the NAET testing he was allergic to Vitamin C! I didn't know that could even happen but I was glad to have something to go on. The rest of the process involves some acupressure and then I had to eliminate Vitamin C from my diet for 24 hours while his body readjusted to accepting it rather than fighting it. I did that (ate only eggs, plain macaroni and ground beef) but there was no change.

I took him back in in the morning (the 24th) and he was still allergic to Vitamin C. Our chiropractor said she's never had an infant not recover from that allergy the first time but would do the acupressure again if I wanted her too. I said yes lets give it another day. So I avoided it for another 24 hours but again nothing changed.

This morning I took him back to our pediatrician who looked him all over and decided that we should put him on goat's milk for two days to see if there's a change. If there is a change we know it's an allergen in my milk, if not then we go see a specialist. We might see a specialist anyway but right now we just have to get through two days of goat's milk bottles. I gave him his first bottle this evening and he didn't like the taste of it at all. I'm praying that he gets used to it.

I trust that God knows what's wrong with Enzo. I trust he empathizes with my hurt and frustration. I trust that even if Enzo's nose never gets any better that God is enough. I trust that God will be glorified in this situation and I want to be a part of that.

Also, please pray with us that God will heal Enzo's nose soon.