Our current state

I wanted to pop in to give a quick update. We've all got the sniffles
but nothing major. Ruby just finished medicine for an ear infection
and ruptured ear drum which added a bit of difficulty to our days so
I'm glad it's over.
I'm slowly but surely getting back into a routine around the house and
really feeling good about it. I've done a lot of organizing and
cleaning and have plans for decorating that I'm excited about.
Ruby is learning new words and skills each day which makes interacting
with her more fun but has also lead to some frustration for her when
she plays and she can't make something happen just as she wants. Any
advice on how to help her with that? I don't like having to discipline
her each time she throws a fit when she's frustrated but I know I
can't ignore it either.
Enzo is growing so fast and it feels simultaniously like he was just
born yesterday and that he's always been here.