A few updates

It was/is a very eventful day today. Three very big things:

1. heard the baby's heartbeat. We'll be referring to the baby as "Charlie" until further notice. It covers the name bases (Charles Enzo or Charlotte).

2. I found and tested and approved (as did my family and friends) a One-Hour Bread recipe. Yes. One hour between the time you get the ingredients out to the time you take the loaf out of the oven. Awesome!

3. Three. That's also how many steps Ruby just took. Yes. She just walked from a chair against the dining room wall to her highchair. Also very awesome.

Have a great weekend!!!

*this post updated with a link to the bread recipe and a more accurate spelling of Charlotte*


Anonymous July 18, 2009  

i dont think ive seen you since finding out you were pregnant! hopefully, ill see you and little "charlie" (so cute) soon! :-)