A new endevor for a new year

I used to have an old Canon SLR - an AE 1 - and it finally seized up for good a few years ago. I remember when I entered art school I would dream about taking photos of all the important as well as everyday activities of my future life. My family especially. Chuck and I got some good pictures out of it in out early marriage but it will never photograph my children. It might just be hormones but that thought puts a lump in my throat.

I decided today that I wasn't going to let my mourning over that keep me from taking photos of my life and my Ruby. All I've got right now is a little Canon PowerShot - an A620 - and it's definitely nothing like my old beauty but I'm learning to use the manual setting as well as take advantage of the other semi-manual ones. Here are a few shots that Ruby and I took. She helped take the last one. I hope she doesn't think I look as frightening as I do in that last shot. :)


Randi January 13, 2009  

You are both beautiful!