I've been replaced

Ruby has finally become friends with her pacifier. I had no idea that a little bit of plastic could so quickly take my place. I was adamant about not giving her one for a few months, not wanting her to be one of those toddlers toddling everywhere with one in her mouth, but have since decided that she won't be one of those kids and neither will she be attached to me 24/7. We've discovered that she likes to nurse herself to sleep but then if she doesn't stay asleep she wants to nurse some more... well, you see how this could be difficult when in the afternoons she doesn't sleep much longer than 30 minutes most of the time. So today I began a new routine and it involves the pacifier. I feed Ruby and play with her and when it's nap time she gets her pacifier and is put in her "crib" (we're just using a pack-and-play). She did great today!

Oh, and I'm trying my hardest to continue calling it a pacifier. I don't want to end up a woman that only uses three word sentences full of partial words. We'll see how long I last before I'm changing dipies and looking for lost pacies.


Tessa September 13, 2008  

Good for you! Naps are a mothers time to take for herself and without them it can be a nightmare some days! Mine are both down now and will be for about the next hour... ahhh the house is still and I can think again. Ruby is beautiful! You mom sent me your blog address and we get a kick out of the latest updates! Take care.